Room Reservation Information

Rooms at Christ Presbyterian Church can be reserved by church members, non-profit organizations, and outside groups for various events and meetings. Church-sponsored events have first priority on the use of the facilities.
Though you may be hosting an external event, it may require internal resources, including, but not limited to, the time and energy of CPC staff, physical space, and parking. External events that may require CPC resources will need approval from the Facilities Coordinator. Approval is required if any items will be sold or a registration fee will be charged for an event.
FOOD POLICY Groups may bring in their own food or have catering brought to CPC. Please note on your Room Request Form if you are planning to bring food. No food is allowed in a room where there is carpeting. Please do not bring any food with nuts in them into any of our children’s spaces downstairs in the Family Life Center.

For more information, please contact: Holli Bishop, Christ Presbyterian Church Office Coordinator 623-882-0721