Prayer Room

Our Prayer Ministry is so blessed to have such a wonderful Prayer Room, where anyone can enter in the peaceful presence of the Lord, and quietly meditate.  Small Prayer Groups have used it for Special Prayer times.  Individuals have used it as a private place of prayer  Some people who have been presented with a Prayer Shawl, have had the presentation made in the Prayer Room with time of prayer, anointing, and peace.  It is indeed a special place of peace.


The furnishings allow prayer time in any fashion –sitting, kneeling, sitting at a desk.  Prayer Shawls are in abundance for those that might want to wrap in a Prayer Shawl during their prayer time.  There is a large array of Prayer resources, in books, pamphlets, etc., to enhance one’s prayer time.


The Vision for this Room follows what we had been seeking from the book, “The Prayer-Saturated Church,” by Cheryl Sacks, which defines a Prayer Room as a room that is prepared with prayer targets, prayer guides and prayer opportunities. Such a room can become a central location for mobilizing intercessors to schedule time with God in a systematic manner.


It would be our prayer that Members and friends of Christ Church will begin to use the Prayer Room as a place to closet themselves with the Lord and spend time in their own personal renewal and development, but also to focus prayers on many needs of this Body of Christ and the world. May each person be blessed through their personal use of this Room, and may Christ Church be strengthened in its ministries because of the developing saturation of prayer in this Body.


The Prayer Room is easily accessed from the Church Office area, during the week, and from the Sanctuary on Sunday.