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The Prayer Ministry of Christ Presbyterian Church began in early 2010, as part of the “Journey to Tomorrow” Building Campaign. As the Campaign Prayer Team (CPT), it was part of an intense prayer effort to under gird every aspect of the Campaign, including the development of the plans, use of the new building, and the generation of Campaign funding. At the closing Campaign Pledge Banquet, with a goal of $360,000, the pledge total was $557,000! Clear evidence of answered prayer. 

Members of the CPT, numbering around 30 people, knew at the time, this prayer effort must continue as a regular ministry of our Church. When the CPT carried a paper chain of over 300 prayer requests, which had each been prayed for, individually, by CPT members, into the Sanctuary as one of the CPT events, someone called us the Prayer Chain Gang – that name stuck. 

In October 2010, the Session officially approved the Prayer Ministry of CPC. Since that time nearly 125 people have become members of the Prayer Ministry Team – either as a Prayer Chain Gang Member (nearly 50) or a Prayer Partner (over 75). 

Answered Prayers are tracked, and we can account for over 600 documented Answered Prayers, since March 20, 2011, when we began recording them. The Ministry has seen God provide not only answers to prayers, but evidence of miraculous activity. Our Prayer Ministry Team has been full of praise for His actions.

Much of the Ministry is represented by the Prayer Requests and Updates that are e-mailed or put in the offering plates.  Those are sent immediately to Members of the Prayer Chain Gang, and a weekly summary, called the ACTS of PRAYER, is sent weekly to the entire Prayer Ministry Team.

Other Groups that are part of the Prayer Ministry, includes the Prayer Shawl Ministry, the After-Worship Prayer members, the Adopt-A-fireman Prayer & Card Ministry,