Prayer Corner


A small change has been made to the manner in which the Prayer Requests are forwarded to the Prayer Chain Gang. Recently, we introduced the use of Caring Group #’s to a Prayer Request. First of all, it alerts a Deacon to a prayer need in that Deacon’s Group, and it may alert others in that group of such a need. This seems to be working, whether the Deacon begins praying for that situation or gives other support to the person.


The weekly ACTS of PRAYER has, generally, been issued every Sunday evening. Beginning June 24, the ACTS of PRAYER started being issued on Monday evening. It is requested that any last minute Prayer Requests or Updates be sent to on Sunday to be certain that they are included in the Monday issue.


“NO CHANGE” works!
When you submit a Prayer Request, and after a couple of weeks, there is no change, inform the Prayer Team, so we know that what we are praying is the correct and current need! Send to


Submitted by Bob Shelton, Prayer Ministry Coordinator