We know and deeply appreciate that our Armed Forces and First Responders represent the nation’s first line of defense, safety and protection.  You are called upon to protect the freedom and securities we sometimes take for granted.  In your commitment to serve and to protect, you are bruised, bloodied, and some even forced to make the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. The wounds you receive take many forms, including the spiritual and emotional impact of combat or duty-related trauma, most notably Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Studies and experience agree that PTSD best heals from the inside out.  That is why we believe that God has called His churches to reach across the breadth of our land to serve as guides on a “Journey of Peace” for hundreds of thousands of our wounded warriors past and present.

If you are the spouse of a member of the Armed Services struggling with Combat Trauma, we want you to know that we at Christ Presbyterian Church are very grateful – not only for your loved one’s sacrificial service to our country, but also for yours. 

More so, we understand the difficulties you may be currently experiencing due to your spouse’s trauma.  Consequently, though we may not even know you by name, our prayer network, prayed for you and continues to do so. 
When a warrior suffering from PTSD comes home from war, or from his or her daily duties as a first responder, interaction with family is often very different from before.  Anger, over-reacting, paranoia, fits of rage, disinterest in intimacy, lethargy, substance abuse – these and other symptoms may become the new context of family life.  The symptoms of PTSD can end up traumatizing sufferer and spouse alike.  This is called “Secondary Trauma.” The spouse can begin to manifest the same PTSD symptoms as the combat warrior (or sometimes different ones) and requires the similar care.  Secondary Trauma can also show up in the children of a PTSD sufferer as well.

We know that one of your primary objectives in life right now is to establish stability, peace, joy and strength in your home once again.  Consequently, we are certain that the One who created you, Who has walked by your side your whole life (whether you realize it or not) and Who loved you enough to offer Himself sacrificially on Calvary stands ready to help you. 

O my soul, march on with strength.

Judges 5:21

Our sincere prayer is that you would likewise “march on with strength” to support your warrior in this latest battle, to fight for you family, to experience personal restoration, and to enter a hopeful future that will be far brighter than you can now imagine.


Veterans, we know home comings from combat and/or active duty can be stressful.  What was once your support group, does not understand what you have experienced and what you are presently enduring.  More so, your military support system, who experienced the same events, have completed their tours and are spread across the county. 

First Responders, you may feel much the same as you return from your duties each day to a family and support system who simply does not understand.

For many who face combat or duty-related trauma, you may no longer feel you fit into the environment you once called home.  A support group, with whom you can talk, who understands what you have experienced, does not seem to exist.  You may even try to contact old friends you once had prior to serving – only to find the ‘old normal’ is not a place to which you can return.  We at Journey of Peace recognize this and desire to help you establish a ‘new normal’; where you will feel like you are home among those who not only understand you, but have walked in your boots; a place from which you will emerge stronger.

You are welcome to join us…

we know what you are experiencing –

And our dedicated leaders

have been where you are now!

Please consider joining our groups, you are welcome…we know what you are experiencing –

Our dedicated leaders have been where you are now and want to come along side you through this journey

Christ Presbyterian Church

925 N Sarival Ave

Goodyear, AZ 85338

Journey of Peace

Thursdays @ 6:30pm

CPC Music Room

Warriors’ Angels

Contact office for dates/times

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven:

 A time to kill, And a time to heal…

                                   [Ecclesiastes 3:1]


To our veterans & first responders we say…

Your time to heal has come…
Christ Presbyterian Church (CPC) in Goodyear also offers a Support Group for the spouses of all Veterans and First Responders, on active or inactive duty.  This group meets at CPC located at 925 N Sarival Ave, Goodyear.  For more information regarding this group, meeting date, and time; please contact our church office at (623) 882-0721 or

“Where is my spouse?

Who is this they sent home to me?

There must be some mistake!”

Know that you are not alone

 Warriors’ Angels Is Here For You