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New to the area and am checking out local churchesInterested in learning more about God, church, and Christian faithInterested in the programs the church has to offer me and/or my familyJust visiting or was a guest of someone who attends Christ ChurchLooking for a new church home

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I was warmly greeted by those in attendanceI could worship in a way that was comfortable to meDirections given during the service (Verbal, bulletin, video, etc.) were clear and helpfulSermon was meaningful, practical and relevant to my lifeI enjoyed the musical worship portion of the serviceI felt comfortable leaving my children in the children's ministries providedOverall, my needs as a guest were met during the visitI do plan to worship with you again

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Prayer Request (list as message below)I would like to update the church prayer chain (list details below)I would like to receive the newsletter (list address below)I would like the Pastor to contact meI would like more information regarding Christ ChurchI would like more information regarding Children/Teen ministriesI would like more information regarding church membershipI want to know how to accept Christ into my lifeI would like more information regarding baptism

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