Announcing the Center for Christian Study (CCS)

The Center for Christian Study provides quality Sunday AM educational offerings for our adults at  both the 9:30am  and 11am Sunday worship hours.  Typically, no less than four (4) classes are provided each hour in four (4) different tracks of study: Bible, Formatio, Family and Life and Character. 

The classes listed  will be offered concurrent with the 9:30am  and 11:00 AM worship services. Those interested in attending one or more of these classes are encouraged to pre-register through worship bulletin inserts or by taking advantage of the online event registration system found here. While pre-registration is not required, it will assist in ensuring that an adequate number of participant books, study guides, etc. are available prior to start of classes. Where participant resources are necessary, a suggested donation amount has been listed along with a processing fee to cover online banking transfer charges. There are however no required fees for any of these classes.