Deacon's Dialogue

The Deacons of Christ Presbyterian Church are focused on service to the congregation through caring, support, and fellowship. Your Deacons are the “caring arm” of the Church. The Deacons of Christ Presbyterian Church welcome hearing from you, and look forward to sharing fellowship events with the congregation as well as providing assistance to members when needs arise.


The Deacon ministry of our church has had a very active year. Our congregation is divided into a number of communities and each Deacon is assigned to one of those communities. That part of our ministry involves keeping in touch with those folks by being available to assist them in a time of need.

During this year we have been able to use funds from the Caring Ministry budget that is provided by members of our congregation to assist over 20 of our families in their time of need. Those needs include health issues, family emergencies, and loss of jobs. We are thankful for the generosity of the congregation to be able to meet those needs as you are all a part of this caring ministry.

In addition, the Deacon’s provide refreshments for coffee hour on Sundays and lunch after funerals and memorial services held at our church. We also helped sponsor fellowship events such as Trunk or Treat. We are looking forward to additional congregational gatherings in our new facilities this coming year.

The John F. Long Foundation provides funds at Thanksgiving and Christmas to be used for food boxes for those in need of help. This year we purchased food and made up boxes and provided them to 15 church families at Thanksgiving and Christmas and also shared a portion of those funds with the Aqua Fria Food Bank.

Each year 5 new people are elected to our ministry and we hope if you are called to serve, you will prayerfully consider accepting that call. You will find it to be a very rewarding experience.