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Fall 2017 Classes
Beginning September 17, 2017
Class Description
Class A: Great Ends Of The Church
Sunday at 9:00am
Class B: Life And Ministry Of Jesus (Vander Laan)
Sunday at 9:00am
Class C: GOSPEL – Recovering The Power
Sunday ay 10:30am
Class D: Life And Ministry Of Jesus (Vander Laan)
Sunday at 10:30am
Class W: Twelve Ordinary Men
Monday at 7:00pm
Thursday at 9:30am
The purpose of the Education and Discipleship ministry is first to provide educational opportunities for every age and stage of life so we may gain a more clear understanding of the Christian faith. These classes are presented so that we may develop growing, maturing, and responsible participating members of Christ’s Presbyterian Church. Secondly, with the knowledge and faith gained through our studies, we will be able to serve the Lord in the church, the community, and the world, as well as joyfully and confidently communicate that faith to others encountered in their daily walk. There is no better way to fulfill the first part of the goal statement than to participate in the many adult education opportunities that are presented through CPC’s Center for Christian Studies classes.
The Center for Christian Study provides quality Sunday morning educational offerings for our adults at both the 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM Sunday worship hours. A choice of classes is offered in each hour that is drawn from four (4) different study tracks: Bible, Spiritual Formation, Family, and Life and Character.
In addition to the Sunday morning class opportunities, Pastor Bob Simmons organizes in depth Bible based topic studies identified as “Institute of Spiritual Formation (ISF)” classes. Pastor Bob has extensive experience teaching in the seminary setting and presenting in depth understanding of spiritual disciplines, theology, ethics, and defense of the faith.
The Center also coordinates opportunities to find support for family issues directed at marriage, parenting, and relationships. This is indeed where our lives and character can be expanded to understand what it means to faithfully live out the Christian life at home, in the workplace, and beyond.